Apartment and Condo Cleaning Services

Welcome to MSHUBS Apartment & Condo Cleaning Services!​

Experience the joy of coming home to a spotlessly clean apartment. Say goodbye to the hassle of cleaning & elevate your living space with our expertized apartment & condo cleaning services. Our dedicated team ensures a spotless and sanitized environment, leaving your apartment & condo gleaming and refreshed. From thorough dusting and vacuuming to meticulous kitchen and bathroom cleaning, we cover every inch of your home with precision. We use eco-friendly products for a healthier living experience.

Trust MSHUBS to transform your apartment & condo into a pristine haven. Schedule your apartment & condo cleaning service today for a sparkling, stress-free home.

Our Specialized Apartment & Condo Cleaning Services

All our regular Apartment and Condo Cleaning services covers the main areas of your apartment including




Should you require additional tasks like oven interior cleaning, refrigerator cleaning [inside], chimney or dusting blinds, our add-on interior  cleaning services are available for you to request at your convenience.

Book DEEP CLEANING  instead for a thorough apartment and condo cleaning experience.

Your living space may get messier quickly, especially when sharing it with others like roommates, a partner, or children. The solution is having regular apartment cleaning services on a recurring basis that fit your timetable without elevating your budget!Interior 

We offer recurring services on a schedule that suits you best

You can choose your apartment and condo cleaning services frequency from below.

MSHUBS Weekly Services

Our weekly service is perfect for people with hectic schedules, families with little ones, or anyone who desires a consistently clean home. We will take care of your weekly mess i.e. vacuuming your floors, scrubbing your toilets, and ensuring your kitchen sink sparkles — All without you needing to do a thing!

MSHUBS Bi-Weekly Services

Most customers prefer Implementing a balanced cleaning frequency that allows for optimal maintenance, combining routine tasks such as dusting and sweeping with periodic comprehensive whole-space cleaning.

MSHUBS Monthly Services

If you live solo and prefer to skip the messier and dirtier chores, our monthly apartment cleaning service is the perfect solution. Let us handle your bigger cleaning tasks like bathroom scrubbing, kitchen dust build-up and disinfecting of common living areas by our Experts. Need extra TLC between scheduled cleans or preparing for guests? Our PROs are ready whenever you need them!



Professional services free up residents & time.


Regular cleaning maintains a hygienic living environment.


Reduced allergens and pollutants improve residents' well-being.


Trained and certified cleaners use efficient methods and products.


Regular schedules and reliable services add convenience to residents & lives.


We even Provide other Cleaning services for Vacation Homes, Rental Properties, Recurring Cleaning, Occasional Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Holiday Cleaning, House/Home Cleaning, Housekeeping and Special Event Cleaning.


Certainly! Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about apartment and condo cleaning services :

Services may vary, but common inclusions are dusting, vacuuming, mopping,
kitchen and bathroom cleaning, and surface disinfection. Some services may offer
additional tasks like window cleaning, carpet cleaning, or deep cleaning.

Prices vary based on factors such as the size of the apartment or condo, the level of
cleaning required, and the location. Some services charge by the hour, while others
have fixed rates.

It depends on the cleaning service. Some bring their supplies, while others may
require you to provide cleaning products. Clarify this with the cleaning service
before booking.

The duration depends on the size and condition of the apartment or condo. A
standard cleaning may take 1-3 hours, while deep cleaning for larger spaces may
require more time.

It's not always necessary to be present, but it's advisable to be available for the
cleaning crew to ask questions or address specific concerns. Some people prefer to
be present during the first cleaning to provide instructions.